The High road to Success. Do these 10 things and you can’t help but become successful

Success sure does mean different things to different people, it’s relative. One’s highest level of attainment may come across as another’s bare minimum. That sounds a bit unfair but nothing really is fair when it comes down to life unless of course the cards are stalked in your favor.

One thing is sure though, everyone wants to be successful at whatever it is they are pursuing in life. No one wants to be a failure, FAILING is never a pleasant thing to experience.

But the good news is failure is just part of the process. Everyone who has given a shot to something worth doing has met many obstacles and failed at one point or another. The secret to success is perseverance, consistency, and never giving up.

Success definition

Success has two main definitions;

  1. The achievement or accomplishment of a predetermined goal.
  2. Attaining a favorable outcome in any given situation, for example, attaining material things, luxury, wealth accumulation, power, status in society, honor, whatever one is looking forward to in life.

In an undertaking of whatever nature, success refers to attaining a favorable result – good and pleasant results.

If success were a song, the lyrics would go, Nothing feels better than this.

Given that we all come from different backgrounds, are raised differently, have different goals, ambitions, different life purposes, different visions, and are at different points in life, we all have different pictures of what we would term being successful would mean for us.

For one person, it could mean having a normal house, a normal car, being able to pay one’s bills, providing for one’s family, and living comfortably. And for another person, it could be a mega-mansion, one of the latest or fancy cars, taking vacations, having a lavish lifestyle, a crazy net worth and so much more and that’s okay.

The bottom line is being happy, and being able to live life as you would want it.

You need to redefine success for yourself.

Don’t set your standards depending on other people’s standards, what other people want for you, what your friends and peers are doing, or even what your parents want.

Do you and be you. That’s where the real satisfaction comes from.

Some people dream of success while others get up every morning and make it happen.

Wayne Huizenga

18 Basic Success factors

The gap between the life you want and the life you are living is called MINDSET, FOCUS AND CONSISTENCY.

1. The first step is having a dream or dreams. Then coming up with goals. You’re goals got to be well-defined, clear, and with a deadline then backed by action.

2. You need to have a clearly defined purpose in life and work towards it.

3. You have got to believe in yourself that you can really achieve your dreams if you give them your best. YOUR I CAN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR IQ .

4. Determination to achieve your goals. You are going to face many obstacles along the way and if you really want to win, that desire will keep you pushing every time you feel like giving up.

5. Attitude; Attitude is a very small thing that makes a very big difference. If you have a negative attitude, you have already failed before you start.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
Don’t stop at just wishing for success, get up and work for it.

6. Work or call it action is the most important ingredient of success, believe it or not, there is nothing like something for nothing. You can’t just dream your goals into existence, you must work for them. Whether it be hard work or smart work or a combination of both, work is going to have to be applied to get your desired results.

7. Skills or specialized knowledge relevant to the area in which you desire to be successful.

8. Discipline; Without discipline, you aren’t going to achieve anything worthwhile. You need to be disciplined enough to follow your action plan through to completion.

Excuses make today easy but tomorrow hard. Discipline makes today hard but tomorrow easy.

9. Consistency; When you get bad results, keep going. When the results good results, keep going. CONSISTENCY is key. PROCRASTINATION WILL RUIN YOU.

10. Patience; Things aren’t always gonna work out the first time you try or when you want them to. Be patient enough and wait for them to work out at the right time. Don’t give up yet.

11. Failure; You are going to fail so many times but remember failure is not final. Get up one more time than you have fallen. Failure teaches you all the lessons you need to succeed if learn from your mistakes. FAILURE IS SUCCESS IN PROGRESS.

Success is spelled as never give up.
Success is spelled as never give up.

12. Willingness to learn new things and learn fast.

13. Courage to go after that which you truly desire.

14. Organized planning which involves focusing on one project at a time and delegation.

15. Your friends and the people you spend most of your time with also contribute to or hinder your success. If you are in a circle of six wise men, you are likely to be the next and if you are in a circle of six fools, you can already guess where you are most likely headed.

16. You need to be willing to take risks.

Sometimes you have to risk it all for a dream only you can see.

17. Luck also plays a big role in people’s success whether we accept it or not for example some people may tend to excel more because they are geniuses, or they are from good or wealthy backgrounds, connected to the right people or even others are just lucky. There are always some unfair advantages in most cases, but the best you can do is make the most of your situation.

Success seems to follow those who work hard.

18. Pray, pray and pray. Above all pray to your God, to give you the strength to keep pushing and bless the work of your hands.


Apart from the basic success factors, here are a few of the habits that most or almost all successful people recommend that one should attain in the pursuit of success.

Before you become an overnight success you have to be an everyday hustler.

  1. Waking up early. We have all had the saying,” The early bird catches the worm.” Rise early and start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.
  2. Meditation. It helps calm the mind and enables one to focus more.
  3. Read daily. You will never know too much and you never stop learning.
  4. Eating healthy. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body
  5. Exercising daily.
  6. Learning a new skill.
  7. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.
  8. Set goals and work towards accomplishing them.
  9. Planning your day in advance . This helps beat procrastination and be better organized.
  10. Following a routine. This makes consistency more easier.

How to achieve success at work and in life

Different people want to succeed for different reasons, here a a few

  • For the fulfilment that comes from accomplishing one’s goals
  • For Personal validation for example boosting one’s self-esteem.
  • To make loved ones happy
  • To attain wealth to enable one live comfortably.
  • To prove our worth to others and ourselves too.
  • To attain a certain status or power in society, to be respected.
  • To be heard. A famous saying goes, every man has a voice but money is the volume.
  • And sometimes success is the only option we really have. Responsibilities have to be fulfilled, bills paid and success is the only choice we have.
  • First, you need to define success for yourself. What do you term as success? At what point in your undertaking do you consider yourself successful? And most importantly what is your WHY – why do you want to be successful? Get it clear and write it down on a piece of paper or in your notebook in the present tense.
  • Set a clear deadline for your goals.
  • Make a list of everything you have to do to accomplish you goals. Break it down into small workable steps.

Start now .
Start where you are.
Start with that fear.
Start with that pain.
Start with that doubt.
Start with what you have.
Start and don’t stop.
You can do it.

If we wait for the perfect conditions, we’ll never get anything done. All the so called secrets of success will not work unless you do. So get started with whatever you have.

  • Be consistent. Do something everyday that brings you closer to accomplishing your goals.

Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion. You must not set yourself on fire.

Arnold H. Glasgow.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself breathing space from time to time.
  • Consider the words of Dr. Ben Carson,” Listen and learn from people who have already been where you want to go.” Benefit instead of repeating their mistakes. It’s much cheaper.
  • Nothing is impossible to pursue and achieve for someone endowed with great determination and a willing heart.

Don’t let people tell you that something is impossible. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to make it happen. Take courage and pursue whatever it is you desire.

  • Remember to enjoy the whole journey, not just the destination. You are a success as soon as you get started. Believe it and it will be.

If you follow these steps then you will surely accomplish your goals and find Yourself SUCCESSFUL, you will find people calling you lucky, even though it really took so much hard work. And nothing can stop you from getting there but yourself.

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