Everything on this website can be summarized into these two simple sentences.

1. Be happy: You aren’t on this earth long enough to be unhappily! In case you are having a hard time staying happy, check this section out. Half your problems will be solved by being happy, grateful, and cheerful.

Be happy

2. Make you some money: Money may not be the most important thing in this life but it affects everything that is important. Money dictates the kind of lifestyle you get to live, it affects your health, it affects your level and quality of education, it dictates the food you eat, generally, money affects everything on a day-to-day basis.

So it may not be the most important thing but it does affect everything that is. Make you some good money so you can dictate your own ideal kind of lifestyle.

The thing about working hard, is that it is hard work, but worth it

Remember that Life is a journey. Don’t wait to enjoy when you get to the destination. Enjoy every step of the way. There are some seasons you’ll never get back so make the most of each season while you still can.

Thoughts become things. Author's note!

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso

3. If it’s in your mind and in your heart it must come to pass. Thoughts are things!

So dream big and you can’t help but live the life you desire.

Au revoir!