13 ways to stop feeling sad

Once in a while you might catch yourself feeling sad or a little down due to reasons best known to no one but you. And IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY SOMETIMES. Problem comes when it gets from you feeling a bit down from time to time to you feeling down MOST of the time.

Feeling sad most of the time can be caused by depression and so many other reasons like a break up from someone you were still in love with, memories from one’s past, missing someone, being broke financially, health conditions, loss of a loved one and so many more.

How to stop feeling sad for no reason

The first step in this process of cheering up one’s self is identifying the cause of the sadness. Find out the reason why you are unhappy. And every time someone says they don’t know why they are sad or unhappy, i tell them that’s a lie. Maybe they are just not comfortable opening up to someone else( which is okay) but the truth is they know why they are feeling the way they are feeling.

Often when someone is scared of opening up it’s because they fear being judged, want to protect their privacy, or feel it’s none of your business, maybe telling you won’t help the situation so why bother. But either way, a listening ear always helps.

Whatever the reason for one’s sadness, it’s no excuse for going through your day feeling sad and looking like a haggard faced clown. I like to tell people that every heart has a trouble, be grateful for yours, it could have been worse. You may be crying that you have no shoes but someone out there has no legs.

How to stop feeling sad

What i find funny is when one is feeling sad, and they want to even feel sadder.( I am not judging anyone here cause this also happens to me every once in a while. ) They will even remind themselves of all the bad things that have happened to them so that they feel EVEN sadder. But it’s okay to sometimes feel sad enough, cry it out and then let go and start healing .

Once you learn to deal with your low moments, your well on your way to your best life. Here are 13 ways to help you stop feeling sad, cheer up and move on with your life.

How to stop feeling sad

The first step is to stop feeling down is by dealing with it in your mind. The reason your sad is because you have let yourself feel sad. You are thinking bad thoughts of things don’t make you happy. Therefore change your thinking and change your mood.

1. Think of something or someone that makes you smile. It could be pleasant memories like your daughter or son playing in the backyard, your best birthday or kids’ birthdays, a picnic with your girlfriend or boyfriend, some funny video you saw on the internet, your school days, your beautiful childhood, that particular day when someone gave you a big surprise , your honeymoon, your kids and so much more.

Just make it a point to feel your mind with pleasant memories, those should surely do the trick of getting you smiling and happy again.

2. Keep a gratitude journal. Writing down all the things you are really grateful for could be a great help. Every time when you feel sad you can just open it, read through and soak yourself in that gratitude. Feeling gratitude is one of the best and quickest ways to cheer yourself up .

3.Listen to music that makes your soul glad. Each of us loves listening to a certain kind of music that we relate with, find interesting or may even just love listening to the beats. So if your feeling sad , put on your favorite kind of music and let it do the magic for you. This is another great way to get your mind off saddening thoughts and jump onto a positive energy-filled frequency.

4. Try taking a walk. Going for a walk would really help you clear your mind and let go of negative and saddening thoughts. You could go to a park, walk through a forest, or just walk in a quiet neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air, raise your head high and give a smile to the people you come across.

Your smile could really go a long way in cheering someone else up. And that would be hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Do something you really love doing, maybe even one of your hobbies. It could be watching a movie, reading a book, playing ball, playing video games, going out, grabbing your favorite snack or meal, eating chocolate, just do whatever it is that makes you happy. That will help you stop feeling sad much faster.

stop feeling sad
Make it a point not to let your troubles get the best of you.

6. Remind yourself that this too shall pass. Make up your mind to let it be and choose to go on with your life, as you await it’s passing.

7. Practice some meditation of your choice. Calming your mind through meditation and wishful thinking is a great way to cheer oneself. Once you decide to let your problems matter more than your peace of mind, they will. But once you decide it is peace and happiness that you want, then nothing can stop you from having it. And just like that you will stop feeling sad.

I would recommend you try gratitude meditation, loving-kindness meditation or Visualization.

8. Try exercising. Do any activity of your choice, something you love or prefer. Forcing yourself to go harder than you would want to will only make you feel sadder than you already are. So if love push-ups do those, if you love squats, do those , if you prefer to jog, run or sprint do just that. Whatever exercise you choose, it should be one that will help you feel better about yourself and stop you from feeling sad.

9. Talk to a friend or mentor. This is where best friends come in handy. Open up to someone you trust about whatever is bothering you. Sometimes they may not be able to help the situation but they will sure give you a listening ear. That could be a great help too.

Also looking at your problems from a different perspective could be a great help. They might not be as bad as your mind is making them seem, and that could go a long way in helping you to stop feeling sad and be positive.

How to stop feeling sad

10. Get your thoughts on paper: When you write down what’s bothering you and read it out to yourself, You will realize it may not be as bad as it seems in your head, and better yet that’s a great way to take it off your mind and come up with a solution.

Then make up your mind not to let it bother you, if you can do something about it, please do and if you can’t , then you need to realize worrying won’t help either. This will help you stop feeling sad.

11. Hang out with someone or better yet people you love. Being around people you love and that love you too will surely help cheer you up.

12. Cheer someone else up. It could be your loved ones, a stranger or even an acquaintance. Making someone else happy will go a great way in helping you cheer up too.

13. Do something good. For example giving to charity, helping someone who needs it, being there for someone or contributing to a better world in any way you can. Taking your mind off the familiar territory of your own needs and contributing to the life of someone else will help you stop feeling sad and even feel better about yourself.

That was all the tips we could manage to get for you, hope they will help you feel better and keep you pushing to attain your own version of a fulfilling life.

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