What is your Life purpose ?

Have you ever asked yourself this question , ” What on earth am i here for ?” Or do you think You were just put into this world with no purpose for your life ?

So if you haven’t already found your life purpose lets get straight into it .

Few things in life are worse than going through life not knowing your life purpose . Life can be meaningless once you don’t know your life purpose . It can seem like walking without knowing your destination , without even knowing why you are walking in the first place .

Imagine how you get up one day and you are told to walk , you don’t know where you are going , don’t know what route to take , don’t know how much you have covered or how much more to go . That’s what i could equate a meaningless life to .

Everyone has a life purpose

We are all born into this world for some special reason and purpose . None of us is here for the sake of being here . Each and everyone of us has a purpose in this lifetime . Everything you go through is intentional , it is all supposed to prepare you for your life purpose , none of it is by mistake .

So remember that today and everyday when you feel life’s challenges are drowning you , and it will give you the strength to keep pushing .

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how

Friedrich Nietzche

Life’s challenges past and present are all for your good in the long run , they are there to shape you into who you are meant to be . Normalize viewing challenges and hardships for what they truly are; preparation for your future – to make you the best version of yourself.

Life purpose

Therefore refuse to be a prisoner of your past and choose to be the architect of your future .

Through all your challenges , painful as they might be , be grateful it could have been worse.

Some people instead go through life grumbling and complaining for where they are in life . And i was once the complaining type , nothing in life seemed good enough , and the more i complained about life , the more life gave me more things to complain about . ( I will come back to how i overcome this bad habit later on in the article )

If you are like i once was , sorry to throw this in your face but you will never move forward if you spend your life at the complain counter .

Until you discover Why you were created and put on this earth, your life will be boring , most days will be vague and you will have a vacuum in your heart .

Once you find out why , then you will have something worth dying for , every day will be an adventure , you will wake up excited for each new day and life will become more fulfilling .

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement .

W. Clement Stone

Find your own purpose .

I agree with Ellen Degeneres who once remarked ,” I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose .”

Abraham Maslow continued ,” Musicians must make music , artists must paint, poets must write if they are ultimately to be at peace with themselves . What humans can be , they must be. “

Every single one of us has a particular purpose which he has been made for . Much as we can get inspiration from our parents, siblings , guardians , and other people we come across in life , we must stay true to our purpose . Just because your mother is a doctor doesn’t mean that is your calling to , FIND YOUR CALLING , AND BE THAT .

People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness . Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost .

Dalai Lama

Here’s my story , What’s yours ?

Growing up my parents always wanted me to be a doctor . I was a very sharp girl and i was surely determined to make them proud . At around 15, after reading Ben Carson’s gifted hands i was so inspired , i decided i would go ahead and be the best cardiac surgeon this world has seen . My grades were always good and i almost always toped my class , it was a good indicator for them that i was on the right track and would surely make it into med school . But during my second year in O level i realized i was very passionate about reading and writing .

I read almost every book i came across ; from spiritual , self-help, novels to history books . I was always reading something. Everyone who knew me thought i was a Literature student , which wasn’t the case at all . And during fourth year in college , i had written a whole collection of self-help articles . ( It’s this same collection i based on to write most all the articles on this website )

This was a greatly challenging year as i was to sit my final , exams but still i always made time for reading my non academic books on the side . This went on even during my vacation , i spent most of my leisure time reading books .

When the time came to join med school , i had really lost it . Despite my good grades , i wasn’t passionate about medicine about anymore . Having majored in Biology and Chemistry , i had already seen what the hours of med school would be like for me and i wasn’t really willing to put in that time . I wasn’t ready to spend 12+ hours in the hospital everyday of my life .

It was at this point i realized i didn’t want to do medicine . My passion lied in reading and writing stuff and i was going to do just that . My parents were disappointed in me and said i was throwing away my future , that i can’t make a living out of writing . Today ,as i write this , am still on my way to prove to them that i can make a living out writing , and am very positive i will . The future looks bright , i can see it .

Life purpose

There is no way i was going to throw away about 7 years of my life living for my parents’ dreams . I had to life my life for me , i always tell people you only have one life , make it count .

Most times when our parents aren’t happy with our decisions it’s either because they truly love us and want us to have the very best in life ,or even some parents subconsciously want us to live their dreams for them . Sometimes when your parents or loved ones failed to accomplish something in life , they will expect you to do it for them . That isn’t a bad thing in itself , but be true to yourself always .

There are some life choices we can’t undo like how we spend our days , and what we put time and effort into . Whatever choice you make , make sure it helps you sleep better at night. Once your heart is peaceful , then you are on the right track .

All in all , give you your best and you will become the best at what you do , and one day the people around you will have no choice but to be proud of you .

How to find out the purpose for your life .

The two most important days in life are the day you are born and the day you discover why .

Mark Twain

When you find your WHY , you don’t hit snooze anymore . You find a way to make it happen!

Eric Thomas

Life can seem very meaningless before you find your life purpose and if you haven’t yet found yours , I sympathize with you . But it doesn’t have to be like that for another day . Here are a few ideas on how to find your life purpose .

Allow me start with the words of Bishop T.D Jakes ,” If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion . For your passion will lead you right into your purpose .”

Every one of us has something they like doing , something they feel happy doing , that brings them peace , just look deep into your life and discover what that is .

Asking your self these questions will help . Write down your answers .

  • When am I happiest ?
  • What am I doing at those times when I am happiest or at peace with myself ?
  • What am I really passionate about ?
  • What is that one thing i could do even if i wasn’t paid for it ?
  • If i had all the money in the world , and i didn’t have to work for money , how best would i spend my time ?

Once You have your answers , look at them and look for one that involves contributing positively to the lives of others , something you are really passionate about and would do even if you weren’t paid for it , that will point you in the direction of your life purpose .

Another question is consider if whether you can monetize that passion , Can it help you provide a living for you and your loved ones in the long run? I put this last because this isn’t applicable to some life purposes especially those that involve charity , and serving the Lord .

Remember that wherever your heart is , there you will find your treasure .

Paulo Coelho

Sometimes your answer may not come to you immediately , but it will sooner than later .

Catherine Pulsifer once said , ” We all have a purpose in life , and when you find yours, you will recognize it .”

Another way to find your life purpose is to look back at your past experiences .

Nothing you go through is by mistake , and until you find out why you are here your past experiences and challenges may not make sense to you . Maybe you had to go through whatever you went through so that one day you would tell your story and it would become someone else’s survival guide . That very painful experience you overcame then doesn’t go in vain , it inspires someone else to keep pushing in life .

We all know many people you have put their stories down in books and some of their stories even encourage us to push for better in life for example Ben Carson’s gifted hands and many other people who have shared their stories .

That could be your starting point to finding your life purpose .

And if you want something so bad , you will put aside all excuses and go get it . Always remember that . If you are not willing to do all it takes to get there , then keep searching . Because one thing is sure , once you find your purpose , you will be ready to not only live for it , but die for it too .

Your purpose is particular to you . It may be the road most travelled or least travelled . Your purpose may not be someone else’s path , friend’s path or even parent’s path . But it is the only road that will lead you to a happy and fulfilling life , that’s one thing that is for sure .

The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder

Without knowing your life purpose , you will never be sure all your effort will pay off .

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy

The purpose of every life is a life of purpose .

A life lived in such a way that it makes the world a better place, makes life better or easier for someone else , a life lived for not only yourself but other too .

No man or woman is an island . To exist just for yourself is meaningless . You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself.

Denis Waitley

A life purpose makes each day worth looking forward to , you reach a point where you won’t even need an alarm to get you out of bed, you don’t need daily motivation because you subconsciously know the end goal and your passion keeps you pushing even on the darkest days .

Don’t settle for whatever comes your way , push for what you want , do what you love .

And when you find your life’s purpose , you will surely recognize it and if you chose to go after it , your life will surely never be the same again.

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