Smile ;1t’s good for the soul.

To smile is to put on a facial expression that shows happiness, joy, excitement , amusement , and even pleasantness .

A smile is the face’s best lighting system. A smile is the best accessory for your face .

We live at a time when most people smile more for their Instagram pictures than they smile in real life . Not that i have anything in particular against an Instagram lifestyle but i just want to encourage you to smile more often. Smile at yourself in the mirror , smile more for yourself like you would at the people you love.

If 3 seconds of smiling can make a photograph beautiful, how would it be if you smiled your whole life ? Think about it.

Learn to smile just for yourself.

Life is like a mirror . Smile at it and it smiles back at you.” – Peace Pilgrim

Smiling is an expression of love, happiness , joy in one’s life and towards others . Smiling at one-self is a great way to get started in the self-love journey .

I recently read some where that if you want to master self-love , ” LOVE YOURSELF LIKE SOMEONE YOU LOVE .” Learn to smile at yourself and tell you , you gat you.

Andy Rooney said ,” If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it.”


And here is the good news , Well said by Daniel Willey , “You don’t have to be happy to smile . ” You just have to smile to be happy.

Why smiling is good for you

A smile takes nothing but negativity and sorrow off your face and yet adds so much value to your appearance than any other action you could do .

Despite what life looks like for you at the moment , no matter how difficult, remember it’s all just temporary and smile. No situation is permanent in this life . If it’s beautiful, smile and enjoy it while it lasts. If it’s unpleasant, Learn your lesson and smile through it all .Keep telling yourself ,” This too shall pass .”

And remember , the best way to cheer yourself is by cheering someone else .Give someone a smile today. Just like yawning, a smile is very contagious . You never know how far it will go .

The plus is , every time you smile, you will feel better on the inside. Fake it until you make it happen. Once you feel good on the inside, you can conquer anything on the outside.


Did you know that a smile is the world’s universe language ? Any one from any walk of life understands the meaning of a smile when given and can surely communicate back.


If you can smile in hardship, your unbreakable.

The secret to being happy is accepting where you are in life, and making the most of it everyday . Frowning ,complaining and grumbling will only get you in worse situations.

Smile to show how strong you are even when you feel you are not. Take note and master the words of Moshe Waldoks : ” A sense of humor can help you overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant , cope with the unexpected , and smile through the unbearable .”

There is no need to show your sorrow to the world . Every heart has a pain and each has a burden to carry. But since we can’t go around painting our troubles to every one , let’s carry around a smile . Give others hope to go through their trying moments too . As enthusiasm increases, negative emotions like fear, stress and worry cannot help but decrease .

Mother Theresa said , ” Peace begins with a smile. “

Smiling will help you like more attractive with less effort . Smiling also keeps you looking more youthful despite your age. And the more you smile, the later you won’t need a face light .

Smiling will also help you keep a proper perspective and positive attitude in your life. Smiling more often will give you the courage you need to laugh your problems away , as my friend and mentor Fr.Jan loves to quote , ” If you can laugh at it , you can live with it .”

And remember the words of Dr.Suess , ” Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened .”

But also you don’t need to cry because it happened, smile because it’s over.

“It’s easy enough to be pleasant when life flows like a song, but the man worthwhile is the one who smiles when everything goes dead wrong. ” ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Smile in pleasure and smile in pain , smile when someone hurts you and smile when someone makes you happy , Smile when you are happy and smile when you are sad, smile when life goes well and smile when life is unfair ,Smile when the sun shines and Smile when troubles pour like rain . Smile in health and smile in sickness . SMILE every situation through and soon you will be through with it.

Smile and have faith everything is gonna be okay.

Smile, it could have been worse.

Smile because someone still loves to see you smiling and happy .

Smile because your smile heals someone’s heart.

Smile because your smile gives someone strength to keep pushing .

SMILE because your smile shows someone not all hope is lost.

A Smile IS A POWERFUL weapon and will melt the snow and work magic for you wherever you go , just never forget to carry it with you , always.

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  1. Hi there! This blog post could not be written much better!
    Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this.

    I’ll forward this post to him. Pretty sure he’s going
    to have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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