Fear wants you to run from something that 1sn’t chasing you.

I love to describe fear as the “negative faith” that things won’t work out in your favor. This particular description appeals to me a lot compared to most because where there’s faith , there can be no fear. It’s either one or the other . But that’s just my opinion and more definitions can be found in the dictionary . ( Incase that one doesn’t appeal to you.)

Fear is being afraid of something because you believe it is most likely harmful, painful or might even be dangerous.

Our fears as humans vary depending on a number of factors like our personalities , how and where we were raised, our peers, even the environment around us among many others. Some people may be scared of things others find normal or even interesting which i find fascinating .

Whereas some people are scared of animals like cats , others find them adorable.
Whereas some people are scared of animals like cats , others find them adorable.

Whereas animals like cats and dogs are some people’s sweethearts , others wouldn’t get close . Not because they are harmful , but because they are scared of them .

And personally I don’t think fear is such a bad thing , I believe it has it’s fair advantages if kept in check. We are right to fear some things like snakes that could cause harm to us.

One the other hand , fear towards Life, it’s challenges and uncertainties ,is one i wouldn’t recommend. Fear towards life will make you miss out on many things you could have enjoyed , goals you could have accomplished and success you would have attained.

Fear can (and will, if you let it) keep you from going where you could have won.

How to overcome fear

Fear wants you to run away from something that is not after you. Something that you can conquer or even already did. Learn to let things be and don’t allow life to beat you up. Just because things aren’t working out in your favor now doesn’t mean that’s how it’s always gonna be.

Things can’t be bad forever. The sun will surely shine in your life again , it may not be today , or tomorrow but it will surely shine.


“Don’t let fear keep you from stepping forward to where you could have won,” George Porter warned. It may be achieving a long awaited dream or career , going after the life of your dreams, starting that side hustle, whatever it is you desire don’t let fear of failure, uncertainty , walking into new territory or call it fear of change hold you back.

Fear boxing a person from their full potential
Fear will keep you from achieving big things in life .

John Mason said, ” Fear of the future is a waste of the present.”

Tomorrow is not promised therefore always try to make today count. That doesn’t mean you need to party every weekend , or do drugs ,or live like today is all you gat , enjoying your life doesn’t necessarily mean wasting yourself.

I know a lot of people who are scared of the future, scared of tomorrow and i think that I have a God who loves me so very much to create for me a future that will cause me pain. Not that i necessarily expect to live an Instagram lifestyle everyday but i believe that even in those moments where there is pain, it’s for my best in the long run, to help me grow into the person i desire to be.

On the other hand,” Why fear today when you asked God to go before you into your day and make things work out for your good? ” Do you really think God can afford failing you ? And why fear tomorrow if His already there ?

A famous saying goes, ” today is the tomorrow you feared yesterday .”

I prefer to pray, let things be and hope for the best . I find that a much more peaceful way to live life. Always trust that the Lord you God will fight for you . ( Jeremiah 1:17, 2 Tim 1:7 )


Stop thinking about what scares you and instead look up to God and realize how way above your problems his magnificence is .

And always remember the best way to overcome you challenges is by facing them, head on . You might be wondering if there’s some magic way for you to overcome your fears but none i have heard of. Just make up your mind and do that thing which scares you . Then let go and let GOD.

Let go and let God.

The essence of courage is not that your heart shall not fear but that your heart fearing doesn’t stop you from pursuing that which might have been beneficial to your existence.

Before you run away because of your fears look behind and see is whatever is chasing you is worth running away from.

Fear will lead to worry when entertained . For more about worry click here .

When fear knocks at your door, let your faith answer and i promise there will be no one.

For more about how to build your faith and overcome fear check out this podcast .

How to overcome fear of failure

Once you understand that failure is just part of the process, you won’t need to fear it anymore.

Failure is for you. Yes it’s not pleasant but that’s where you’ve got to pick up all the lessons that will help you make it in life. Once you understand this, you will embrace every stumbling block you come across and keep pushing.

You’ve got to get it wrong to get it right. That’s just how life works. Failure is going to be your best teacher so keep going, keep making those mistakes until one day when you have made them all and nothing but success lies ahead of you.

Until then……….

Go ahead, give life your best and wait for what life will offer in you in turn, i promise it’s gonna be amazing. You’ll be glad you dint hold yourself back.

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